Friday, August 18, 2017

Oatmeal Studios: current needs

Oatmeal Studios, purveyor of funny greeting cards, has a lot of good information for writers on their guidelines page.  In addition to the specifics provided there, here are some of the company's current needs:

- 65th birthday
- 90th birthday
- 100th birthday
- Belated birthday
- Relative birthday (a general relative; not a specific relation)
- Birthday cards that don't mention aging
- Birthday cards specifically about getting older
- Retirement
- Anniversary
- Get well
- Thank you

The company is also seeking single-panel humor, where the copy/cartoon/photo/etc. only appears on the outside, rather than broken up across the outside and inside of the card.  Single-panel humor is not category-specific.

Oatmeal Studios is currently for their fall review.  If you submit your ideas by September 26th, you should hear back by November.  Current payment for card ideas is $100.

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