Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cleveland's "What's in a Name?" Contest

The city of Cleveland, Tennessee is holding a contest to come up with a name for the city, similar to Nashville's "Music City" or Knoxville's "Dogwood City."  Residents and non-residents can submit ideas, either by mail or email, up until the contest deadline of September 30th.  The person who comes up with the winning entry will receive $1,000.

UPDATE:  This contest is long closed.  Thanks for the correction, Sasha!


  1. Hi Greg,
    I submitted my entry to the contest...that was held a year ago! The winner has been long chosen. I can hear them laugh at me in "The City With Spirit."
    When I clicked on the link you provided, I didn't suspect anything, either, because the page had today's date on it. However, there's small print a bit lower, "12 months ago"..
    Thought you'd want to know :-)

    1. Hi Sasha,

      Wow... I completely missed that! Thanks for letting me know. I saw the same thing you did, today's date, but I missed that small print. They got a laugh at me too, then, 'cause I also submitted some ideas.

      Thanks for the heads up!


    2. You are welcome!
      Maybe it's us who got the last laugh after all: I bet our ideas are great, they're going to love them, but too late...